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  Leicester, 24 February 2010

 Gateau PLC


 Gateau PLC increases business throughout Europe

 Gateau PLC is one of the leading UK-based patisseries that established 25 years ago in Leicester by it’s owner Mr T. Gateau.

It has expanded fast throughout those 25 years because of the combination of high quality, clean branches, low prices and a customer based approach.

 Products and service

Gateau PLC offers a wide variety of quality products: fresh baguette sandwiches, patries, different sorts of drinks including tea, coffee and juice.

It is possible to consume the products directly in the clean patisseries, but taking them away is also an option.

Customers can even choose for having the products delivered at home for a low price (only in the UK).


One of the success formulas of patissery Gateau PLC are it’s franchise operations. This has caused a fast and efficient expanding of the company.

The company is opening at the end of July new branches throughout 40 towns and cities in Europe, including Paris, Dublin, Budapest, Kiev and many more.

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  For further information please contact:

Mr L. Green, Public Relations Manager

Gateau PLC

30 Olive Street

Leicester SH7 8FW


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